IO1: Guide for youth workers, leaders and teachers on “How to build-up an Inclusive youth community towards leisure time activities?”
Leader: National Association of Professionals Working with People with Disabilities (Bulgaria)

Description: This IO will provide guidelines to youth workers/leaders how to establish an inclusive community, and how to embrace and integrate youth with disabilities into common positive leisure community activities. This IO is crucial to allow IO2 to be realised, since without IO1, no inclusive youth community will exist where to apply inclusive youth leisure and recreation activities.

The content of the guide will consists of the following sections:

  • Section I. What means inclusive youth community and why we need to build it?
  • Section II. How to build-up an inclusive youth community – stages, modalities, approaches
  • Section III. Significance of leisure
  • Section IV. The leisure time value of school subjects
  • Section V. Hobbies and school clubs
  • Section VI. Safety measures while conducting leisure time activities
  • Section VII. Kinds of leisure time activities:
    • Chapter I Sports
    • Chapter II Social activities
    • Chapter III Dramatics, Radio, Motion pictures
    • Chapter IV Enjoyment of home activities
    • Chapter V Travel activities
    • Chapter VI ICT and leisure time – serious games, educational robotics etc.
    • Chapter VI Extracurricular activities and leisure time

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IO2: Handbook with inclusive youth leisure and recreation activities for the youth community
Leader: University Of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” (Bulgaria)

Description: This IO is meant directly for the youth community (14-29) and will provide a range of engaging leisure activities where youth with and without disabilities can be involved as peers, and can through common activities build together on a more inclusive society: model plane and drone assembling and flying has been selected as an innovative leisure activities. Equally, leisure motivator pilot implementation workshops, human interaction, street gaming, verbal interactive interaction, arts etc. will be also addressed.

All these combine improvement of social and civic competences, close collaboration, team work and creativity, and contribute to skills for life to combat e.g. burn out and depression, creativity, social skills, compassion, humanity, quality of character, personal psychological strength, inner self, etc.

Main topics that will be addressed are leisure activities in the following domains:

  1. Society activities
  2. Educational cooperation (at school, VET, lifelong learning perspectives)
  3. Physical activities
  4. Creativity
  5. Peer learning

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IO3: Mobile application on inclusive leisure and recreation for youth
Leader: Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (Austria)

Description: This IO will deliver integrated software:

  1. The mobile app will apart from offering a community that addresses youth workers/leaders and youth organisation members/beneficiaries, also provide access to a detailed and illustrated online version of IO2 handbook.
  2. The app will support establishing a culture of quality development by adopting a self-review approach via an online self-assessment form for youth workers/leaders to assess their skills in supporting inclusive leisure activities.

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